Hi Everyone!

I wanted to touch base with you all real quick about shipping and home delivery.  We are doing both. 

Home delivery-  If you go to the Fairport Brewing Website, on the front page there should be a button for home delivery at the top.  We started home delivery during the pandemic and it is working great.  We are delivering 20 miles around our 1044 University Ave, location.  You can actually order beer as well by executive order.  Keep in mind we are working on this shopping experience right now so things could change as to where the button is.  If it's not on the front page it will be on the FBC SHOP page.  

Shipping- We are thrilled to offer shipping of 12 packs anywhere in the USA, and yes you can mix and match!  Basically you go to our Timbucha.com SHOP page and order it up.  We are offering FREE 2nd day FedX shipping.  Your package will come packed in a cooler (it's actually nice) on ice packs.  We ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so that your product isn't sitting in a hot truck over the weekend.  Shipping is really expensive and we have included it with the price, but please put a bug in your grocery store manager's ear so that we can help you get it at a much lower price.  That's kind of a win/win!  

Thanks everyone!