We know it's good for you, traditionally speaking,  but as the market is exploding you are seeing new brands hitting the shelves and it's getting confusing.  Manufactures are scrambling to make it cheaper and some are dumbing-it up big time.  Why?  Shelf Life and $$$$$.  Let's face it the shopping experience isn't the same as it was 3-4 years ago. 

Real kombucha (like our Timbucha Kombucha) has a shelf life.  It's alive. When it is made, it's made with that symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast and when it's bottled it still has the native bacteria and yeast in the can or the bottle.  In other words we don't kill it then add "probiotics" back in to the dead drink.


Would you buy a kombucha product if you knew they killed all the good stuff then added a non-native "probiotic" back in?  Don't be scammed.  Read the label.  if you see reference to  "probiotics" on the ingredient list, that means they are messing with the product.