Good question!  


Well, let's start with the ingredients.  

We start with all certified organic tea blends and sugar because we want you to get the most from our product. In other words, when you drink a Timbucha Kombucha you are getting the best ingredients that makes up a product full of living REAL probiotics beneficial to gut health and B vitamins.  It's literally packed with the good stuff.   Even the water is the best.  We make our own water with reverse osmosis filtration and you know what that means.....NO FLUORIDE.  What other company can say that?  We go the extra mile. 

  • We don't use any plastic in fermentation, just the best polished stainless steel.  

  • Our product takes up to 14 days to make

  • It has to be checked on 7 days a week, there is nothing automated about this product, it's alive and when it's done, it's done.  It won't wait 'till Monday. 

  • If it's not right, it goes down the drain.  (This week we tossed 200 gallons of our peach) and yes we mourned.     : (


  • We have a PhD chemist on board, because we are always doing internal testing with high tech equipment to make sure we are delivering the best product you can buy.  We will never skimp!