Have you ever noticed when you are really living life that people want to be a part of it?  It's true.  I can't tell you how many people were checking in with us as we made the trip.  There were so many cool parts of this trip that I will touch on here but the moral of the story is we all need to get a life.  Get out there and sharpen the saw.  It's good for the mind and good for the soul, but even more important it's good for everything you do!  I can't wait to get back on the road!


We stayed the night in Memphis and the next morning we shot out to Graceland.  Going to Elvis' house was awesome.  Back in the day it was considered a mansion.  The tour was all on tablet computers and earphones.  I didn't use mine.  I just wanted to take it in with my eyes.  

The house was well preserved for the time period.  Totally retro-seventies. The upstairs was blocked off but we had access to the rest.  It reminded me of the house I grew up in with the colors, the kitchen appliances etc.  I felt right at home.  Weird.  

I was imagining Elvis hanging out with his extended family trying to navigate all the success.  The boy loved his toys and by the looks of the TV with the bullet hole in it, it looked like he was a little reckless too.  

If you are ever in Memphis, you should get to know Elvis a little better and go.  It's a good story.  





From Memphis, we hit the Gold Strike casino somewhere in Mississippi and after losing a couple hundred dollars, I wasn't feeling the mojo, so as I waited for Chris to finish his Texas Hold'em I hit the parking lot and pulled out the guitar, music stand and camping chair.  Here I was in a huge mostly empty parking lot, peacefully jamming.   I loved it.  That was fun, no hurries, just enjoying the moment. 

Chris finally joined me and we hit the road again, off to Arkansas.  With some time to kill we scoped out Hot Springs National Park.  First of all I haver to say Arkansa is beautiful.  What a beautiful state.  

Hot Springs was a town like you would find in Saratoga, NY or Lake Placid.  Just beautiful.  The camping scene in the National Park wasn't so great.  It was tight and looked like an afterthought.  Some lady heard us talking and suggested we check out a Lake Ouachita State Park about thirty minutes out, so we charted the course and off we went.  It was one of the best state parks I had ever seen, so we made reservations for Thursday and Friday and off we drove to Texas.  

All along the way we were able to get to many grocery stores to try some of the different kombucha on the market.  Stay tuned for more on this.