Day 2 with the new blog...

I'm trying to make this blog more....interactive.  I am thinking wouldn't it be cool to meet our customers, have you guys give us some feedback,etc?  Well that's what I am working on.  I am still not sure how this whole blog thing works but I have committed to figuring it out.  We are only going to get better.  

Today in kombucha- we are running low.  Like almost wiped out.  Not a great place to be.  There is a national backorder on a lot of things like cans and believe it or not Toyota 4runners!  (Hahah,  I was looking for one with a little more bells and whistles to it, but unless I buy it without ever trying it, I can't get my hands on one so I guess I am going long with mine for now.)  Oh well, back to the Timbucha report- we are  making a ton of kombucha to try and catch up and we should be caught up next week.  Also, we are waiting on labs for our new blueberry Timbucha Kombucha so we can finish the labels and get them out. 

Speaking of blueberry, my daughter had a cute way of saying "blueberries" when she was a kid.  She would say Boo-bel-aries, and I loved it.  I am seriously thinking about naming it that.  Thoughts? 

Believe it or not, myself and some of my staff have tried the new potentially unnamed blueberry product and it is seriously awesome.  Some even say a new favorite. 

Blueberry will be added to our SHOP as soon as we get them in cans so the rest of the world can get them.   You guys have a good night and stay healthy!