As promised, here it is- My personal Covid survival kit.  

Not conventional but well researched.  I have it packed up in it's own duffle bag and take it with me when I travel.   I think one of the keys to success is to keep your immune system charged up.  I drink our Timbucha everyday as part of the strategy, even the two year old product (way past expiration date) that I have with me.  Remember: Real Kombucha doesn't go bad.  We just need an expiration date for grocers. 


Two nebulizers (one back up) -for nebulizing diluted H202

1000 Vitamin C

Distilled Water 16 oz in recycled Timbucha bottle-for nebulizer

Two bottles Thank You Silver 10ppm and 20 ppm

10 ml syringe-for dilution of 35% H202

Licorice Root 900 mg

Hydrogen Peroxide spray bottle 10 oz

Pepcid 20mg

Raw Zinc 30 mg

Vitamin A 25,000 IU

Micellized Vitamin A Liquid dropper

Quinton Isotonic 18 viles 10mg

35% food grade h2o2