We stated with breakfast with my best friend's widow and his beautiful little girls.  We had a great breakfast at the Toast and Berry in Montgomery Ohio.  Great food and Covid friendly, they even threw out the menus after we touched them.  Wild times we live in.

One of the take aways from our conversation was that life is short.  It keeps coming up on this trip and reaffirms why I am making this trip.  

I did really good for breakfast making a good choice,  oatmeal and berries!  You would think that oatmeal is boring but this wasn't, I think they used steel cut oats, it was really good. 


Montgomery, Ohio was beautiful.  I had to stop to take this picture of what looked like their main drag.  It must be upscale because it sure looks like it.  Ohio was very clean, inviting and well kept.  

Our goal was 500 miles to Memphis so we passed right through Kentucky and most of Tennessee.   By the time we hit Memphis, we were getting hungry. Imagine that!   A quick phone call and we were heading in the direction of Corkey's.  

When we got there it was take-out only which was a bummer, but there was a line of cars doing the same, so we did it.  A rack of ribs and four sides later we were looking for a church with picnic tables to have dinner.  The sun was still out and it was about 88 degrees.  Life was good.