When it comes to doing anything, fly your own flag!  

When I started making kombucha back in 2015 no one even knew what it was.  Hell, I barely knew what it was.   There were no books on how to make it and there were no rules.  It was all about passion and trial and error.   It was all mysterious.   A beverage that had been around since 220 BC, handed down from generation to generation finally made its way to Fairport.   We had no idea what we had, and I remember promising myself that I would not do it.  I had too much on my plate but something kept it in the forefront of my mind.  So I decided to go for it.  

This beverage was so much different than beer.  It was functional- meaning it did something good for you.   The b-vitamins and probiotics working together create an amazing environment in your gut.  We took it one step further, we made it taste really good.  We didn't try be tart and vinegary like the market leaders.  We flew our own flag and created recipes that create the win/win scenario.  You can now have something good for you and have it taste great too!

Years later- we are expanding, promoting wellness and having a blast.  We now have ten flavors with the newest addition of "BUBEL*ARY" which is our blueberry Timbucha Kombucha.  If you love blueberries like we do you will love it, that's a promise.   All you have to do now is learn how to say it correctly.   (Coming to an Fairport Brewing Company near you soon!)

Now go fly your own flag!