Full disclosure:  There is something healthy about a road trip.  

It's an adventure, it's a moment of freedom and it is a great way to recharge the batteries.  I can't wait.  This road trip is for a personal purpose, I am going to get this, check it out.  Click this link to see what's waiting for me on 9/10 in Texas.  And my long term buddy Chris is going with me.  It's a road trip!

One of the reasons we drink Timbucha Kombucha is for balance.  We love the interaction of probiotics and B-vitamins and how good it makes us feel.  And it makes us feel good that we are doing something good for ourselves, and that's actually good for the mind.   Camping and traveling for me are all about recharging my mind.  It's amazing all the new ideas that come to me on a road trip.  I have been beaming for weeks knowing this was coming up.  

I know, I shouldn't have done it, they are not cheap, but I did it.  I did it to prove I could do it.  Have you ever done that?  This is the third time I have ever done that in my life.  Life is short, sometimes you have to force yourself and most times you are glad you did! 

You will probably laugh but this road trip isn't just a road trip, it's going to be a challenge.  With Covid we won't be allowed to spend more than 24 hrs in any states that are on Andrew Cuomo's list.   This makes it a bit of a challenge but we are still going to have a blast.  It's not something we get to do everyday.  I hope you do something awesome for your self, make it happen, you will be glad you did!  Don't wait like I did.  

The next post, seriously?  My Covid survival kit.  I actually have one.  Get ready!