Ok folks, 

I am taking over the blog. and I promise you I will write about anything I want!  Haha! How's that for starters?!  No, I was thinking about this for a while and thinking now's the time.  Seriously, why not?  Blogs can be really boring, I guess ours could be too and I really don't want to have a boring blog.  I think we want more than a sales pitch.  We want a little lifestyle!  

Full disclosure: I am probably not the best writer, so I have been told, but I can assure you I will write and I will try to keep it interesting.  

I think one of the common interests that brings us all together is health, and there is a ton of material to work with, especially in these Covid times. I believe gut health is everything and that is so much that has come out in the last few years on the topic.  

I promise we will have some fun with this.  Now let's get started!